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This is what companies have learned from using Mindpool


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We’ve previously established that collective intelligence can help companies harness and use the knowledge of employees to drive competitive advantage. In fact, the collective intelligence of an organization can assist in harnessing unique business insights, predicting the future, identifying threats, involving and motivating their employees and, consequently, leading to better performance and smarter decision making. We’ve established that Mindpool has built a platform that helps companies access collective intelligence, and that the platform is low effort, but high impact.

What we haven’t covered in our resource universe so far are the results from the companies that have used the Mindpool platform. What have they learned? What were the valuable insights? And how can the companies leverage this newfound knowledge? 


To showcase the effect of diving into the collective intelligence of an organization, we’ve looked into a few of the beta partners we’ve worked with. In this article, we’re highlighting some of the interesting results. The companies are anonymous. 


Company A - Create a new product offering for slow sales month


Company A is a direct-to-consumer subscription service with more than 200,000 members across nine countries. By using Mindpool to tap into employee knowledge, Company A discovered that the two main threats identified by the crowd were emerging competition and increasing IT challenges. Furthermore, the collective intelligence of the company found that in order to withstand November as a slow sales month, the company would benefit from introducing a new and attractive product to push during that month. That would help them eliminate loss of profit as a consequence of Black Friday offers. 


This very tangible and focused business performance idea highlights how Mindpool as a low effort yet high impact platform can assist companies in opening their eyes to the ideas and innovation that already exist in the company.

Company B - A need for better communication across the company 


Company B is an innovative and modern SaaS platform. As a startup, the company is relatively new in business and has experienced exponential growth. Therefore, the aspects related to organization and culture as well as leadership and strategy were dominant in the insights discovered through the Mindpool platform. 


The employees of Company B came forward with multiple concrete actions. One was that the company should hire more employees to adapt to the demand and to avoid that the current employees overwork themselves. Furthermore, employees said that moving to a larger office and streamlining processes through better communication, more transparency from development and better evaluation would be beneficial for business performance. This was also related to the wishes of expanding the communication between the departments and focus on a mutual long-term vision. 


We know that satisfied employees that feel valued and heard perform better. That’s why Company B would benefit from listening to their needs which would result in better performance, and being aware of this fact as well as concrete, actionable actions that the company can take will help them tremendously on their growth experience.  


Company C - Improve product for better performance

Company C is a technology-enabled courier service offering reliable solutions through the use of tech. When building and introducing a new platform, it’s crucial that the product keeps adapting to fit the ever changing needs of the market. 


That comprehension is exactly what the employees put forward through the Mindpool platform. They found that the company would especially benefit from improving the customer service department to be able to serve customers better. This included creating a better booking journey and a portal for customers to submit feature requests and also implementing a better overview of these requested features. Ultimately, listening to the customers and their ideas for features is an influential way of serving target customers directly by listening to their needs. Lastly, employees found that by creating a better onboarding experience for new couriers, the business will flow and ultimately perform better. 

How can your company harness its collective intelligence? 


We thought you’d never ask. If you’re interested in harnessing valuable and unique insights like the three highlighted companies above, our platform is ready to help you dive into your company’s collective intelligence. We hope that we’ve shown that the collective intelligence is right there ready to be harnessed and acted upon with the help of a solution that will create remarkable results if utilized.

The journey of the Mindpool platform is easy and low effort and low investment from the company’s perspective. We know what, when and how to ask your employees to obtain valuable, unique insights. It only takes employees five to seven minutes to answer. Mindpool deploys tested algorithms, data analytics methods, and machine learning (natural language processing) to process data for powerful insights. Our intelligence platform identifies unique patterns and you get the predictions, insights and actions presented in a dynamic dashboard that makes taking action much more straightforward.


In the end, it’s about creating stronger, healthier and happier businesses with fewer information gaps and more distributed influence. 


You've just read a blog post from Mindpool - a platform that helps you harness the collective intelligence of employees. Mindpool taps into the knowledge of employees to provide actionable predictions and curated insights. Mindpool is rooted in decades of research in collective intelligence. Read more from our resource universe or contact us here if you'd like to tap into your employees' valuable knowledge.


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