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The Ultimate Mindpool Guide 


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We, at Mindpool, appreciate that there is a lot to take in and navigate when first introduced to our platform – that is completely fair!


That’s also why we created a new series of videos where our trusted Business Intelligence Analyst, Christian Charity, walks you through different situations and predicaments, explaining to you every step of the way how to solve them. We have spent a lot of time trying to explain all the wonders of collective intelligence and tacit knowledge of employees, so we thought it was only fair to now also pay some attention to the actual practicalities of the Mindpool platform itself – all from how to create an account to how to access your insights. 


Let’s summarize some of the key points covered in this series of videos.


Creating an account is as simple as booking a demo on the Mindpool website and filling out your relevant information (such as the name of your company, how many employees there are and so on). Once the demo has been booked, you are contacted by one of Mindpool’s customer success agents, and thereafter you are given a demo of the platform.


Once the above step has been completed and you decide to pursue Mindpooling, you can login to your account on the Mindpool website. This takes you to the homepage of the platform, giving you an overview of all the different pages you can access. The homepage also provides you with a summary of the Mindpools that you are running and some brief information about them (such as how many people are involved and how many people have actually participated). You are also provided with a Collective Intelligence Score here, which is essentially a statistic conveying how successfully you are tapping into the intelligence of the employees in your organization. 


When it comes to accessing your insights, all you have to do is login to the platform, as explained above, after which you click on the “Insights” page on the panel to your left on the homepage. If there are no Mindpools running, the dashboard will be empty. However, once you have initiated a Mindpool, the insights page is updated and will show relevant information. 


To actually create a Mindpool and get it running, you need to be logged in to the platform – from there you click on the “People” page on the panel to your left on the homepage. You cannot create a Mindpool before doing this step as you need to fill in relevant departments and employees. Once you have added the departments and employees, go to the “Mindpools” page on the panel to your left. This then leads you to a page where you can click on “Create Mindpool” to finalize the creation of your Mindpool. 


The aforementioned steps have applied to the employers managing the Mindpool, but there is also an employee dashboard which employees have access to when they partake in a Mindpool. As soon as a Mindpool has been launched, employees will receive an email with a link which takes them to the Mindpool where they can answer all the questions and provide insights and recommendations. As an employer, you can share the employee dashboard with employees by clicking on the “Mindpool” page in the panel to the left on the platform. Next, click on “Employee Dashboard” and click on “Share” to get the link for the dashboard which you can send to employees via your preferred channel (Slack, email, etc.).   


Et voilà! This blog post covered just the most essential steps with regard to the Mindpool process, but there are several other videos you can watch wherein other steps are explained, including how to change your profile information and how to log out of your account. Should you have any questions that are not answered in the videos, do not hesitate to reach out to the Mindpool team – we will gladly help answer any questions you may have over a phone call or a cup of coffee in our offices. 



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