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The Organizational Brain: An Interview on How Technology and Human Intelligence Blend


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….and how is it one of the single most effective ways that companies can stay ahead of the curve.


In a recent article by Gabriella Anesio at Webamp, a data-driven agency, she interviews Soren Wiberg Holm from our founding team, who takes the readers on a deep-dive into the world of collective intelligence. 

Now, more than ever, companies need to remain agile and ready for changes in the market. COVID-19 has proven and underlined that fact. Organizations that were quick to adapt and meet the changing needs from the market and the employees have had a head-start in a fiercely competitive environment. 


Collective intelligence provides companies with a competitive advantage


With collective intelligence, research shows that employees are able to help predict the future. If companies power the existing capability, human intelligence - their employees' minds and resources - with technology, they have a competitive advantage. By utilizing collective intelligence, companies can harness that valuable information and use it to build stronger companies.

Founded on more than 10 years of research and through technology, Mindpool facilitates access to an organization's collective intelligence. This way, organizations can take advantage of information and intelligence they already possess but don’t use. 



In short, collective intelligence can help: 



  • Unlock valuable insights and solving problems.
  • Predict the future and performance of the company.
  • Innovate and discover new ideas, as well as validating those ideas.
  • Increase true employee engagement and inclusion.



In the interview, Soren explains exactly how companies can harness their organization's collective intelligence, empower decision-making, and stay ahead of the game.


If you’re in for the long read, get the full know-how as well as all the interesting points Soren makes in the article and interview here. 



You've just read a blog post from Mindpool - a platform that helps you harness the collective intelligence of employees. Mindpool taps into the knowledge of employees to provide actionable predictions and curated insights. Mindpool is rooted in decades of research in collective intelligence. Read more from our resource universe or contact us here if you'd like to tap into your employees' valuable knowledge.


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