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The Mindpool Behind Global Mindpool


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Maybe you have heard of Mindpool but not Global Mindpool, or maybe you have heard of Global Mindpool but not Mindpool. We want to share the story of both here to explain how the two have the same goal: to facilitate the gathering, processing, and presentation of collective intelligence for smarter decision-making – be it better decision-making in organizations or in society.


Mindpool is where it all started. Founded in only 2019, Mindpool was launched upon the extensive research that exists proving that the intelligence of many trumps the intelligence of a single person. This logic was eventually channeled into Global Mindpool in 2021 in conjunction with major players in the climate action scene. Carry on reading to understand our entire journey. 


Collective intelligence 101


Let’s begin from scratch. What is collective intelligence? It’s an emergent property that arises from aggregated human intelligence and can be applied in many different ways – all from predicting to problem-solving. As concisely put by Mindpool’s COO, Soren Wiberg Holm:



“To me, collective intelligence is the use of distributed human intelligence that is augmented by technology and used for powerful decision-making - it’s the power of combined human and technological capabilities for making better and more informed decisions.”



Most people have heard of the expression ‘two heads are better than one’. This is exactly the sentiment that Mindpool and Global Mindpool tap into, acknowledging that people (whether on an organizational level or a societal level) are smarter when pooling all their insights. This is statistically proven and grounded in years of research.


For example, Hallin, Andersen, and Tveteraas (2017) show how predictions by employees can be harnessed to forecast changes in more uncertain firm performance variables, such as team performance, managerial performance, customer satisfaction, innovation, competitiveness, and retention of employees along other variables.  In additional studies, Andersen and Hallin (2017) in their book Global Strategic Responsiveness: Exploiting frontline information in the adaptive multinational enterprise show how global firms operating in turbulent conditions, face relentless pressure to be efficient, whilst also accommodating local factors and ways of thinking. Using a wealth of illustrative research case examples, they present how firms can create a sustainable advantage by harnessing the continuous sensed signals and leading predictions from the frontline employees to inform and improve the accuracy in strategic decisions.


To aggregate all these nodes of knowledge dispersed throughout organizations is, thus, evidently more useful than management running with a decision based purely upon their own judgment. So now that you know the foundation of both Mindpool and Global Mindpool, let’s delve into how the two utilize the same concept in varying ways – the former on an organizational level, and the latter on a societal level.


Tackling organizational challenges


Mindpool helps companies bridge the information gaps between management and employees – gaps that exist in almost all organizations. By providing the platform to aggregate all employee insights, organizations can make use of the dispersed organizational knowledge.


Mindpool is on a mission to empower organizations, and has helped an array of companies so far. Tangible results of utilizing Mindpool include, but are not limited to, providing solutions to slow sales months, giving suggestions for improving communication in rapidly growing organizations, and providing concrete product improvements.


Once Mindpool was up and running, it was decided that it was time for yet another challenge, which is why Mindpool collaborated with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to launch Global Mindpool. Continue reading below to learn more about this exciting initiative.


Tackling climate change


Just as Mindpool’s goal is to make everyone in organizations heard, Global Mindpool is really about ensuring citizens from around the world have the chance to make their voices heard with regard to the increasingly important issue of climate change. Launched in 2021, the UNDP is helping empower this vision through utilizing the concept of collective intelligence via Global Mindpool.



By pooling the minds of people from all over the world, the aim is to create meaningful and intelligent climate action based upon the collective insights of an array of humans. Global Mindpool also ensures that the climate change movement is an accessible movement, and that no one is excluded based on their nationality, level of knowledge, gender, etc. Everyone has an opinion, and therefore everyone is important when it comes to ensuring our collective sustainable future.


Mik Thobo-Carslen, co-founder of Mindpool, mentions that:


“Collective intelligence is grounded in the notion that we’re smarter and better when we work together. Local knowledge and local solutions are vital, given how climate change affects different communities in unique and specific ways. We can then translate this deeper, broader understanding into lasting change and effective solutions.”


In this way, Global Mindpool is an example of how the principles of Mindpool can be applied to an abundance of situations – in this case, tackling the climate crisis, together. To see how far and wide the collective intelligence message has been spread is truly inspiring.



Join the collective intelligence journey 


The harmony of human intelligence and technology makes collective intelligence all the more powerful and is becoming an integral way to solve problems and make more accurate predictions. Whether you are an employee or a manger, a citizen or a politician, your voice matters and is so much stronger when aggregated with the voices of others. 


Perhaps you are an employee with insights into your organization, or a concerned citizen with opinions on the climate movement; Mindpool and Global Mindpool are the platforms that empower you by letting you voice these insights. 


If you want to follow the Mindpool journey, which we certainly hope you will do, make sure to stay updated with our blog postsnewsletters, and social media platforms – we want to keep you as informed as possible about the world of collective intelligence and all the benefits that come with this. 



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