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Mindpool acquired by Wazoku!


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28 September 2022: Today, we are excited to announce that Mindpool has been acquired by Wazoku, an innovative UK-based SaaS business for idea management and open innovation. You can read the official press release here


The journey with Wazoku represents an altogether new and exciting chapter for Mindpool and the team behind the business - not the end of a story. When we first began working on Mindpool, we did so with a vision to “champion the world’s transition to a collective intelligence mindset”. Simply put, every part of Mindpool is firmly rooted in a common goal - to help businesses around the world eliminate information gaps and listen to the insights of employees. Integrating with Wazoku is an opportunity to fast-track our vision and tap into an impressive growth engine and years of experience. “Wazoku and Mindpool are not only aligned on strategy and vision, but more importantly on culture, purpose, and a common desire to build sustainable business, for a sustainable future. I cannot imagine a better fit to facilitate the next phase of our business,” said Mik Thobo-Carlsen, co-founder, Mindpool. 


"Mindpool will be a valuable addition to our platform, combining human intelligence and technology to create a compelling proposition, offering actionable insight into company performance for all our global customers and through our Innovation_360 suite, we can remove the friction and improve the success rates from insight to impact”, said Simon Hill, CEO, Wazoku.


Wazoku and Mindpool share the common vision of empowering people, businesses, industries and society via the notion of collective intelligence. Wazoku’s platform aims to assist in the process of solving the most complex of problems through placing emphasis on the importance of ideas – as their mantra goes, they aim to change the world “one idea at a time”. Wazoku’s platform is not only a champion of fostering innovation, it is also a champion of cultivating innovation at scale


“From a strategic perspective, Wazoku and Mindpool coming together means the two organisations will be even greater than the sum of their parts. Given Wazoku’s impressive track record and ambition to roll out a world-first Innovation OS, Mindpool can form part of a broader and richer proposition tailored towards a rapidly growing market,” said Soren Holm, Director, Mindpool SME. “There’s just enormous opportunity in supporting the increasing number of organisations shifting towards human-centric tools and platforms.”


"Wazoku and Mindpool are organisations with complementary technologies and approaches to collective intelligence, crowdsourcing and innovation,” said Dr. Carina Antonia Hallin, co-founder, Mindpool. "This couldn’t be a better fit, and I am excited to see what the two companies can achieve together.”


For further information about Wazoku, visit https://www.wazoku.com 

For further information about Mindpool, visit https://www.mindpool.com/ 



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