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Mindpool’s 2022 Recap 


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2022 was filled with many exciting activities for Mindpool, activities which have also demonstrated the necessity of acting collectively more than ever — we can see that both inside and outside of Mindpool. Let’s start from within.


Mindpool acquired by Wazoku 

Officially announced at the very end of September, Mindpool has been acquired by Wazoku, a UK-based SaaS business for idea management and open innovation. This was in the works for a matter of several months, and involved the brains of many people from across both Mindpool and Wazoku. Whilst it was a tricky chapter to navigate, it was also certainly an exciting one and signifies the continuation of a commitment to collective intelligence and innovation. 


"Mindpool will be a valuable addition to our platform, combining human intelligence and technology to create a compelling proposition, offering actionable insight into company performance for all our global customers and through our Innovation_360 suite, we can remove the friction and improve the success rates from insight to impact”, said Simon Hill, CEO, Wazoku.


Evidently, Mindpool and Wazoku share the common vision of empowering people, businesses, industries, and society through harnessing collective intelligence and challenging traditional notions of organizational hierarchy.


The acquisition does not only demonstrate product compatibility, but also reflects alignment on deeper aspects such as culture, as Mik Thobo-Carslen, co-founder of Mindpool, points out:


“Wazoku and Mindpool are not only aligned on strategy and vision, but more importantly on culture, purpose, and a common desire to build sustainable business, for a sustainable future. I cannot imagine a better fit to facilitate the next phase of our business”.


If you want to read more about the acquisition, you can read the official press release here


The Mindpool team went to London 

Of course, in order to facilitate the acquisition, Mindpool had to visit the Wazoku HQ in London – a trip that was the perfect mixture of business and fun!


This was an opportunity to meet our lovely new colleagues, just a two hour flight away. Though the Mindpool team was only there for two days, we covered just about everything: onboarding, demos, dinner and drinks, social bonding activities and so much more with the Wazoku team. 


With the Wazoku offices located right by the Thames, the view was incredible and the team was just fantastic! We truly couldn’t be any happier with all of our new colleagues. We are definitely looking forward to going back to London for many more visits in the near future. 


1+1=3: A podcast about employee insights

In addition to the exciting acquisition, Mindpool also launched a podcast: “1+1=3: A podcast about employee insights”! The podcast is centered around exploring the various pain points that different organizations struggle with – pain points that are common, but a nuisance, such as trying to remain aligned in a growing company, navigating future uncertainties, and embracing bottom-up communication.


The podcast series also delves into how Mindpool as a platform can help alleviate these pain points by empowering human intelligence with technology, creating a unique and powerful organizational collective intelligence. Each episode covers a different vertical, such as SMBs, with each episode featuring a different Mindpool team member talking on the topic. 


If you want to learn more about the world of collective intelligence and how Mindpool can help your organization, give the podcast a listen here


Mik Thobo-Carlsen at TechBBQ

In September, the Mindpool team attended TechBBQ – an annual summit for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. 


This year was special because Mindpool’s co-founder, Mik Thobo-Carlsen, moderated the opening panel discussion with the speakers Mette Lykke (CEO at Too Good To Go), Troels Schönfeldt (CEO at Seaborg Technologies), and Mikkel Bulow-Lehnsby (Chairperson at NREP). They discussed some of the most pressing issues the world is currently facing and the various innovative ways through which we can begin to tackle them as a collective.


It was an awesome experience and the team is already looking forward to next year!


What about collective intelligence outside of Mindpool?

So much has also happened in the world this year, demonstrating the need for acting collectively. To mention just a few pivotal events in 2022: COP27, the continued collective fight against COVID, and the World Cup. 


Fighting climate change and a pandemic both illustrate the need to harness knowledge from an array of people across the globe. Had it not been for the coordination of scientists, the mobilisation of networks, and the pooling of collective intelligence, COVID statistics would most likely be a lot more sinister. The same logic applies to COP27, which is truly the epitome of the need to harness knowledge from all over the world to solve one of the most pressing and complex problems the world is currently facing — climate change (if you want to read about how collective intelligence can directly be applied to help tackle climate change, check out Global Mindpool).  


And if you read our last blog post, you’ll be familiar with why we mention the applicability of collective intelligence to the World Cup; it has been proven that the football teams that perform the best are the ones wherein all players contribute somewhat evenly, with all their skillsets being utilized, not just relying on one star player. 


Final comments

What a 2022! The Mindpool team would like to take this opportunity to extend a massive thank you to everyone who has is following the Mindpool journey, whether you have been here since the very beginning or you recently discovered us! We look forward to 2023 with you all. 


You can always stay up to date with our most recent blog posts here, and make sure to keep up with all the exciting news on our LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

If you want to follow the Mindpool journey, which we certainly hope you will do, make sure to stay updated with our blog posts, newsletters, and social media platforms – we want to keep you as informed as possible about the world of collective intelligence and all the benefits that come with this. 



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