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Here are 8 can't-miss tools that make working together easier

We’re smarter when we combine our knowledge and leverage our collective intelligence. But how do we do that in the most efficient way? That’s what team Mindpool is constantly on a journey to figure out, both when it comes to our own work lives but also when it comes to building a platform that lets other organizations tap into collective intelligence.


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On one hand, organizations can work to improve their ability to gather inputs and insights. On the other hand, there are a lot of manual tasks and tedious work to oversee - and there are only so many hours in a work day. Luckily, thanks to tech, it’s never been easier to get things done - in an easy and quick way. This opens for the possibility to spend time on the things that truly matter. That is, building a stronger business and making the right decisions. 

To help you handle the often overwhelming burden of working efficiently and getting tasks done we’ve collected 8 can’t-miss tools that will make your work life easier. These 8 tools are recommendations straight from team Mindpool, which we use daily in our work life to make our work together smarter. We can attest to the fact that they, truly, make our work life easier. We hope they will make your work life easier, too. 


1. Pleo - goodbye to boxes and binders of paper receipts


Remember the days where all the employees would have to collect and organize their receipts only so the accountant could spend hours going through them? Well, thanks to Pleo, those days are over. 

Pleo offers a seamless solution for company cards across employees in an organization. With Pleo, the relevant employees get a business card. This way, their expenses are updated in real time through Pleo’s platform, which also serves you with the ultimate overview of all the employees’ company spending. After the receipts have been automatically added to Pleo’s platform, Pleo transfers all the data back to the financial management system that the company uses. No more need to save paper receipts, no more need to organize them, no more need for expense reports and no more need to pay back your employees. 

In the end, Pleo saves you tons of work and resources and lets you stay productive. 


2. Zenegy - makes payroll a dream


Making sure your employees get paid has never been easier thanks to Zenegy. Once linked to Zenegy, all your employees can track their work days, hours and vacation, and Zenegy automatically takes care of all the work related to payroll, making sure you’re compliant, and that the work is done with accuracy so you can have peace of mind and spend your time on some of the more fun tasks at work.  


3. Cofenster - become your own videographer


They say that video content is the new black. Did you ever dream of creating high-end edited video material for your company but couldn’t afford a videographer? Here’s your chance. Cofenster offers professional video creation in minutes. Through Cofenster’s platform, you simply create your new video project, add your storyline and scenes and then invite the involved parties in the video through a shared link. 

This makes it a breeze for everyone involved in the process as they get all the necessary instructions, a link to film through their own device, and then Cofenster quickly collects all the footage according to the storyline. Next thing you know, you have a professional video! 

Even better, Cofenster lets you add your company assets such as logos as well as automatized subtitles to the video, and you can easily choose what format you want your video to be in depending on what channel you’re using it for. Creating video content has never been easier. Check out this video we created in just a few minutes using Cofenster.


4. Mindpool - easy access to all the accumulated knowledge within your organization


Mindpool is an intelligent platform built by us that helps companies collect, process and act on the collective intelligence of employees. 

What does that mean? Collective intelligence is a strategic resource that exists in all companies. But usually, organizations don't utilize this resource. The resource consists of all the knowledge that employees across all levels accumulate through their experience, emotions, interactions and intuition. 

Research shows that employees are actually able to predict the future based on their knowledge. But so often, all this knowledge stays in the minds of the employees instead of being utilized within the organization to make better decisions. Mindpool helps organizations tap into their collective intelligence so they can take advantage of all the knowledge that exists via their employees. 


5. Monday - seamless project management


Have you ever struggled with running projects and workflows smoothly across teams? Your answer might be yes, and this has become even more complicated with lots of people working from home and organizations adapting to a new normal. 

Monday has got you. The platform lets you manage everything from one workspace, whether it’s project management, marketing, sales, recruitment and operations. You can build, track and scale your workflows how you prefer and share everything with relevant team members which creates for the best overview and project management experience you could wish for. 


6. Hubspot - customer relationship management made easy


Hubspot is a marketing darling that makes everything related to customer relationship management and customer journeys easier. From creating newsletters based on templates, tracking leads and managing content, Hubspot does the job. 

Hubspot’s CRM platform is divided into five categories with different overall focuses; marketing, sales, service, CMS, and operations. Pretty much any task you can imagine related to CRM is to find under each of these umbrellas, from lead generation to meeting scheduling and customer feedback. That setup gives the ultimate overview to oversee CRM activities. 


7. E-conomic - all bookkeeping needs in one accounting program


Imagine if all your bookkeeping could be done through one accounting program, without a bookkeeper and without you doing any work. With E-conomic your prayers have been heard. E-conomic is an accounting platform that collects all activities related to bookkeeping into one program. On the platform you can create and track invoices, automate your bank statement tracking, organize your tax payments and work seamlessly together with your accountant. 

Ultimately, integrating an accounting program will be the answer to your prayers and save you time that you can spend on more exciting tasks. Like having another coffee or inventing a new product? 


8. Google Workspace - lets you work from anywhere


Can you imagine your work life for the past 1,5 years without access to online meetings? We can’t. We’re close to addicted to Google Workspace, which helps us stay productive wherever we are working from. 

Google Workspace includes access to a bunch of apps, from Gmail to Meet (online meetings), calendar and Google Drive. This way every member in an organization can easily access files, documents, join online meetings and track events and meetings across everyone’s individual calendar. Work life would simply not work the way it does without Google Workspace. 

We hope we have inspired you to start working with one or two (or maybe all eight?) of our favorite work tools. In the end, they will all help make your work life easier so you can focus on growing your business. 



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