What does the future of collective intelligence look like?

What does the future of collective intelligence look like?

BlogTue Oct 19 2021Written by Mindpool3 minute read

Collective intelligence has been around since the dawn of mankind, as people have worked together to find solutions. Though collective intelligence in itself is nothing new, there are still a multitude of aspects to be discovered, researched, and implemented. The rise of technology has given collective intelligence completely new opportunities, as the wisdom of crowds can be augmented and enabled by new and powerful technology. Combining collective intelligence and technology creates the foundation for an undiscovered territory with plenty of possibilities. But can we increase collective intelligence between humans through machines, or will machines take over? 

Let’s dive into what the future of collective intelligence looks like?

Collective intelligence is a field that encompasses almost endless opportunities to work smarter together, both in organizations and society as a whole. Mindpool is here to lead this development – and to build technology and tools that help organizations leverage collective intelligence practically and intuitively.

Modern organizations supersede the traditional top-down, hierarchical, approach. Instead, modern businesses require modern solutions. This includes incorporating collective intelligence as common practice within organizations. This is useful, even necessary, as collective intelligence presents tons of benefits for companies that need to stay alert, adaptive and aware of warning signs in an everchanging world - a world that’s changing at a faster pace than ever before. 

Mindpool can facilitate this by helping your company leverage the underutilized wealth of wisdom that exists right under your own nose - hidden as a strategic resource straight from the brains of your employees. 

Collective intelligence as an ongoing, integral part of the business

One of the most integral undertakings required for the future of collective intelligence is making businesses sustainable. This is done by ensuring that mindpooling is conducted regularly, ensuring that organizations view their employees’ continuous insights as of high strategic importance, rather than only being accessed occasionally to ‘fix’ a present problem. If done properly, collective intelligence will help prevent those problems in the first place and can help businesses transform.

A powerful metaphor is to view organizations as living organisms. Every part of an organization is interrelated with each other and we cannot just ‘solve’ a problem in one area and then move on without considering the interrelations. Organizations do, like living organisms, need constant care. We need to understand how a ‘bad knee’ affects the rest of the body. Likewise, collective intelligence has to be appreciated as something ongoing and integrated, not something applied in a piecemeal fashion. As Geoff Mulgan postulates about collective intelligence, “Aggregation is easy; integration harder”

As mentioned earlier, Mindpool is a software platform that via a broad toolbox enables the aggregation of intelligence to be done in a sustainable way. This ensures that the cognitive diversity and complementary knowledge that exists within all organizations is actually incorporated and utilized continuously and not just on on-off occasions. Thus, collective intelligence becomes the new norm, and it is not treated like a trend that comes and goes. Ultimately, the future of collective intelligence is not about whether humans or machines are smarter than the other.

Collective intelligence grasps the immense potential in combining the two, thereby debunking the myth that humans and machines stand in opposition to each other.

We need both.

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